Highly recommended! A realistic meal plan that includes everything. Natural weight loss. Thank you πŸ™‚

Leanne Vassallo

- Teacher
Highly recommended, she’s simply the best. Helpful and always available to respond any queries also after the session πŸ™‚

Kim Zammit

- Student

Thank you for following and helping me in achieving my goal! I would totally and undoubtedly recommend you services to anyone who is willing to adopt a healthier lifestyle πŸ˜€ I am forever grateful for being so so helpful and effective <3

Nicholette Degabriele

- Speech and Language Pathology, SLP

Great service not only for physical purposes but also mentally. A professional opinion on how to tackle a healthy lifestyle. This is the best service I found that manages healthy lifestyle. Lots of attention is given on the client. I would totally recommend!

Sephora Micallef

- Life skill educator, LSE
She’s very helpful i highly recommended πŸ™‚

Steve Borg

- Parent

great and professional approach very happy with the results also . it’s the way forward to be more successful in your life style. portions is the key

Ryan Newell

- Snack Bar Owner

Highly recommend. Very professional service.

Justine Schembri

- Teacher

I was followed by Rowinda regarding weight loss. My meal plan was tailor made for me – according to my situation, health, as well as my likes and dislikes – and updated accordingly as we monitored my progress. I have made lots of progress as this was a gradual lifestyle change and I feel that I now have enough resources to maintain it.

Brenda Jane Farrugia

- Occupational Therapist, OT

Highly recommended!! She’s very good and helpful Clapping Hands on Apple iOS 8Clapping Hands on Apple iOS 8

Kurt Parnis

- Doc Worker

Highly recommended! Meal plans are varied and weight loss is natural.

Kirsten Ellul

- Bank Officer

Highly recommended. Professional service and most importantly realistic meal plans tailored to one’s goals and lifestyle.

Marisa Deguara

- Nurse

These services are not only personalised but make you feel that you are cared for, which gives you extra motivation to follow the advices and go on. The experts involved are truly professional and very knowledgable in their sector. They are ready to understand your difficulties and find practical solutions, that sre easy to follow. Many times we do not rationalise situations and these experts help you understand yourself and what to do to solve your eating or dieting problems. Through my own personal experience I strongly recomand their assistance as they try to be as available as possible and reach to you to help.



Rowinda’s nutritional services are very informative and evidence based. She’s equipped with the latest technology which makes the meal plan provided even more evidence based. Rowinda believes in a balanced diet which does not cut out any food groups! I don’t have cravings anymore because I can eat everything in moderation. Highly recommended πŸ™‚

Ylenia Mamo

- Speech and Language Pathology, SLP