About Registered Dietitians Services

Our philosophy is to help you create a good, healthy and loveable relationship with food, your body and yourself for optimum health. We aim to provide theoretically, practical and science-based advice on food and a healthy diet. We are totally against restriction done because of bad labels on any type of food or food groups. In fact, we don’t discriminate any type of food or impose restriction due to its effect on your mental health and general well-being. We appreciate nature’s diversity and respect each one of our clients and therefore we prescribe diets which satisfy both your taste buds and satiety.

We strongly belief to provide and encourage good nutritional and diet practices by making small changes that eventually turn into your natural eating habits. The journey to a better health and diet is never a straight line so making a major diet change all at once is generally unrealistic and unsustainable.

We strongly believe in the power of education because knowledge is power. Food is not meant to be feared or to be the cause of diseases so you should learn how to balance your food choices and eat until you are comfortably satisfied. Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures so we emphasis to enjoy and share your meals and food rituals with your family and friends.

We strongly believe that every type of food is essential in your diet as it has its particular vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential for good health. It is important to note that a healthy diet changes with age, physical activity, food preferences, medical conditions, allergies and intolerances and lifestyle. This is why we recommend that a proper dietetic assessment including anthropometry, biochemical (blood results), clinical (medical conditions), detailed diet history (eating habits) and lifestyle is of utmost importance before a meal plan is prescribed for you.

Everyone is different and that’s a beautiful thing. We respect and appreciate your unique body, lifestyle, preferences and genetics. This is why we pride ourselves for providing individualised consultations and give meal plans tailored made specifically for you. Taking control of your health is a serious process and we think it’s important to choose professionals who are equipped and trained to help you.

About RDS