At Registered Dietitians Services, we pride ourselves to offer our clients excellent dietetic consultations in order to reach our client’s target. Firstly, during the dietetic consultation we offer an assessment of anthropometric measures where we calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI). The BMI is a measure to work out if your weight is healthy when compared to your height. Secondly, we analyse any blood results if provided and check for any medical conditions certificates here such as diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, kidney disease, liver disease, and mental health illness such as anxiety and depression. Thirdly, we assess any physical activity done throughout the week for an optimum calculation for your unique metabolism. As a result, from the metabolic calculation we can determine your daily calorie, carbohydrate, protein and fat required by your body.

The next step would be a detailed nutrition assessment where we assess your current diet intake using a professional nutrition software and work out how much calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats you are actually having per day. In addition, we also assess if there are any vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Lastly, we will guide you to an individualised meal plan specifically for you. We will make small dietary changes in each consultation in order to help you reach your goal without no adverse health effects such as compromising your metabolism and mental function.

You are welcome to come to our office for the above dietetic consultations described. If you rather stay safe at home, we can offer you online dietetic service. All we require from you for us to carry the online dietetic consultation is your weight and height.

We strongly believe in follow-ups consultations in order to assess the outcome of the meal plan provided. In our follow-ups, we will also provide you with further meal plan adjustments to further satisfy your dietary needs. We are pleased to inform you that we have 3 months and 5 months packages for further follow-ups to help you achieve your goal. We will guide you accordingly to which package suits you best from the assessment’s conclusion which is carried out in the first dietetic consultation.

Adult Nutrition Consultations